How to get Free GOG Games

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Get Free GoG Games


Join thousands of GoG gamers and claim your Free GoG games here. Since 2008 we have been processing hundreds of requests for games on a daily basis for our members. Simply use our site, request a game you wish for us to purchase for you using GoG's catalog and enjoy playing all the Classic PC games of yesteryear.

Get your Free GoG Games

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"Over the course of the last year that I have been joined here, I have received 135+ games for Free. If I were to purchase all these games myself it would have well exceeded $500, and I was gifted them all for Free by this site. It's amazingly satisfying redeeming your first free GoG Game and still is hundreds of requests later. Looking forward to increasing my GoG Games collection."

My GoG Games Collection


"My first request was for MDK 1 & 2. I used to play these games so much as a kid. I'm glad I stumbled upon this site: Free GoG Games and a helpful, fun community. I wasn't quite sure what to do when I started so I made a post on the official forums and was surprised to see so many PC gamers use this to get their free games."

Get your Free GoG Games


"Very simple and quick to earn points. I can request a bunch of GoG games for Free which is a lot of help when low on cash. In addition to GoG games, Steam sales  is coming up as well as Green Man Gaming. Usually I'd be completely wiped clean out of wallet buying games from these places, but this site helps out a lot by giving me the option of getting most of those games for Free!"

Get your Free GoG Games

GOG is a digital distribution service similar to Steam, aimed at providing access to classic PC Games. The main difference between games on GOG and Steam Games is that all games on are DRM-free. This means that there are no restrictions bundled along with the game, like limited actvation keys, only-online play or having to instal third party content.

1. To get started Sign up above to access our site and forums.

2. Earning points enables you to request Free GoG games.  100 points is equivalent to $1 (in terms of conversion), this should give you an idea of how many points you will require.

3.Get Points tab from the homepage. If you need help with successfully doing Offers and getting your first points use the Ultimate Offer Guide here.

Free GoG Games

4. Once you have enough points you can request your GoG Game. To do this go to the homepage and click the Prizes tab. From here navigate to the Custom Prizes section and fill in the details of the game you want to request.

Requesting Free GoG Game

Completing the Request form:

Merchant  -

Since we offer games from many websites we offer our users the choice to pick. Click Merchant to acces the scroll down menu and choose 'Other Website Custom Order'

Item URL -

Find the game you wish to request Free on and past the URL of the game you want in the space provided.

Item Currency -

Leave this entry as 'US Dollar', since all games on GoG are priced that way.

Total Item Cost -

Input the price of the GoG game you wish to request in US Dollars.

Cost Required -

Leave this entry. This is the amount in points that is required and will automatically be filled in when you have entered Total Item Cost in Dollars.

Additional Information -

Confirm the name of the Game you wish to request by typing out the full name of the title. Also make sure to include your e-mail address where you can receive the Free GoG game. The game will be purchased for you and gifted directly to your e-mail

Click Submit!

5. Custom Orders for GoG Games take anywhere between a few hours to 2 days to process and gift to you. The time varies depending on how many requests we may have.

6. When you the prize has been processed and sent, your prize claim history will update to reflect your recent Gift. You will also receive an e-mail from GoG (at the e-mail you provided in the request form). Open up the e-mail and you should be provided with a one time use serial key to the games that you requested. 

To redeem the key and apply these games to your GoG account navigate to GoG's Gift Redemption page here and copy and paste your serial key (Make sure you are signed into your GoG account before you apply the serial key).

Congratulations! You have successfully requested a Free GoG Game and Redeemed it!

Remember if you need any help using the site join the Official Forums where you can find support from thousands of our users. You can also see what other members have requested for Free or even make a post yourself to show what you've recently got. is not affiliated with is trademark of CDPrjekt RED